2 Letter Words With O

Two-letter words with the letter ‘O’ are some of the most common words used in everyday language. These two-letter words include “of”, “or”, “on”, “ow”, and “ox”. The word “of” is used in sentences to show possession or relationship. For example, one might say, “This house is full of memories.” The word “or” is a conjunction that can be used to connect two things together or serve as an alternative. For example, one could say, “Would you like coffee or tea?”. The word “on” is a preposition indicating contact between two objects when it appears before a noun. An example sentence would be: “I put my clothes on the chair” .The word “ow” is often found in sound effects and onomatopoeia such as “ow! That hurts!” Finally, the word “ox” is usually not used in normal conversation but it can also appear in sound effects such as those used for comic books or cartoons.

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