2 Letter Words With Y

Two-letter words with the letter Y are not especially common, however there are a few. These include the pronouns “my” and “vy”; verb forms like “ny” (neigh) and “sy” (sigh); interjections such as “ay” (yes) and “oy”; adverbs like “ly” (likely) and “ty” (tidy); prepositions like “by” (beside) and “ky” (canyon); conjunctions such as “fy” (fry) and “py” (ply); modifiers including “wy” (wiry) and “xy”; suffixes like “-cy” (-ancy) and “-dy” (-duty); as well as abbreviations for words like “NYC” or even just plain old acronyms like CNN. With so many two letter words containing the letter Y, it is surprising that they are not used more frequently in crosswords, Scrabble, or other word games.

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